In  this paper, we present a very fast and intuitive approach to generate the metamorphosis of two genus 0 3D polyhedral models. There are two levels of correspondence specified by animators to control morphs. The higher level requires the animators to specify scatter features to decompose the input models into several corresponding patches. The lower level optionally allows the animators to specify extra features on each corresponding patch for the finer control of correspondence. Once these two levels of correspondence are established, the proposed schemes automatically and efficiently establish a complete one-to-one correspondence between two models. The performance of the proposed methods is comparable to or even much better than the state-of-the-art in 3D polyhedral metamorphosis. We demonstrate several examples of aesthetically pleasing morphs, which can be very fast and intuitively created with little user interaction times.

Keywords: Polyhedral metamorphosis, embedding, relaxation, warping, merging, SMCC