Coherent Time-Varying Graph
Drawing with Multi-Focus+Context



Kun-Chuan Feng 1 , Chaoli Wang 2 , Han-Wei Shen 3 , Tong-Yee Lee 1

1 National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 2 Michigan Technological University 3 The Ohio State University



The overview of our approach for F+C visualization of time-varying graphs. Our approach leverages existing graph layout algorithms to produce initial layouts and performs significance analysis on nodes, faces, and edges of the triangulated version of initial layouts. F+C is achieved through optimization by minimizing an energy function.



We present a new approach for time-varying graph drawing that achieves both spatiotemporal coherence and multifocus+context visualization in a single framework. Our approach utilizes existing graph layout algorithms to produce the initial graph layout, and formulates the problem of generating coherent

time-varying graph visualization with the focus+context capability as a specially-tailored deformation optimization problem. We adopt the concept of super graph to maintain spatiotemporal coherence and further balance the needs for aesthetic quality and dynamic stability when interacting with time-varying graphs

through focus+context. Our method is particularly useful for multi-focus+context visualization of time-varying graphs where we can preserve the mental map by preventing nodes of focus from having abrupt changes in size and location in the time sequence. Experiments demonstrate that our method strikes a good balance between maintaining spatiotemporal coherence and accentuating visual foci, thus providing a more engaging viewing experience for the users.



Supplementary Videos

1_overview.avi [video]

2_compare_energy_term.avi [800x600]

3_compare_naive_FR_and_focus+context.avi [800x600]

4_compare_incremental_FR_and_focus+context.avi [860x600]

5_compare_incremental_FR_and_naive_FR.avi [860x600]

6_compare_with_without_supergraph.avi [800x600]

7_compare_supergraph_and_focus+context.avi [800x600]

8_compare_with_without_supergraph.avi [800x600]

9_Compare different settings (C1,C2 and C3) for Equation 18 [Video1][Video2][Video3]