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Shiny, Comfortable, Exquisite, Secure, Free

Sunshine and sea breeze nurture the people of this city, who have a personality of enthusiasm, friendliness, optimism, and consideration, Kaohsiung always allows people to feel cozy and relaxed while bringing endless pleasant surprises at the same time. Kaohsiung residents, who are zealous and hospitable, like to keep their houses neat and tidy in order to warmly entertain their friends. This is the thinking mode that builds up this city. When you enter Kaohsiung from the airport, station, highway, or harbor, you can always feel excited. What a sparkling city! Numerous modernized tall buildings, straight and clean roadways, and a green atmosphere seem to open a gate of grandeur and welcome visitors from everywhere.

From Kaohsiung City Government

Hot Scenic Spots
Love River

To enjoy the full experience of the Love River, a boat tour has become a popular choice amongst visitors. In 2004, the Transportation Bureau introduced The Love Boat River Tours, which have become very popular. The "Love Boats", gracefully floating up and down the Love River are central to Kaohsiung's developing tourism and one of the best ways to see the city. There are three locations where the river boat tours can be picked up. Plan for an entire afternoon to take a "Love Boat" tour and enjoy a different perspective of Kaohsiung.

From Kaohsiung Travel Online


Liouhe Tourist Night Market

After sunset, Liouhe Tourist Night Market becomes one of Kaohsiung's liveliest nightspots. In the daytime, Liouhe 2nd Road is a major trafficthroughway, however around 6 p.m. it transforms into a popular place to enjoy Taiwanese snacks. You can also buy a variety of products here. Vendors at Liuhe Night Market exhibit traditional maritime friendliness. This night market is a popular tourist-shopping place and is always busy from dusk to early dawn. In 2005, Kaohsiung City Government installed a new Tourist Information Center and public restrooms. When the night market is open the street becomes a pedestrian-only area. On the weekend vendors set up a number of dining areas, so tourists can enjoy sit down meals. Tourists can also enjoy local and foreign street performers here. It also features a variety of low priced snacks and a comfortable and safe dining atmosphere.

From Kaohsiung Travel Online


Jinshih Lake

Jinshih Lake is located on the upper banks of Kaohsiung's Love River. It was formally known as Fudingjinbi and Dapi. Its name comes from the crescent shape of the lake,which resembles a lion. The lake covers around 10 hectares, and is one of the collection basins for the Love River. Shihshan Park, Butterfly Ecological Park, Moral Monastery and the exquisitely sculpted Fudingjin Bao-an Temple are located on the banks of the lake. The nearby Green Nursery plays an important role in creating a greener Kaohsiung and has over 90,000 different types of plants. The number of trees and the shady areas they provide is quite impressive. During the summer and autumn months the sounds of cicadas fill the air. With the sun reflecting off the lake it is a very pleasant place to spend the day. After dark the newly constructed Bridge of Lights is like a brilliant rainbow floating between the north and south shore. The light it casts over the temples is a truly beautiful sight and has become a highlight for local residents and tourists alike.

From Kaohsiung Travel Online


Former British Consulate at Dagou

Built in 1865 during the Ching Dynasty, The Former British Consulate is located on a small hilltop overlooking Hsizuhwan Bay. It was the first consulate and Western style house built by the British in Taiwan. The beautiful terrace gives it a very British appearance. Inside features a display of precious historical artifacts. The former consulate is therefore another Museum of History. Outside, the view of Hsizuhwan Bay can be seen on one side, while the other looks out over the Kaohsiung Port. Recently leisure and dining areas have been added, visitors can now enjoy a meal or a pot of tea within the building. A new vitality has been given to the building, making it one of the most popular attractions in Kaohsiung.

From Kaohsiung Travel Online